Water and Wastewater

Town of Wilkesboro

  • Water Treatment Capacity: 10 mgd
  • Excess Water Capacity: 2.5 mgd
  • Wastewater Treatment Capacity 4.9 mgd
  • Excess Wastewater Treatment Capacity: .83 mgd

Town of North Wilkesboro

  • Water Treatment Capacity: 4.2 mgd
  • Excess Water Capacity: 1.0 mgd
  • Wastewater Treatment Capacity: 2.0 mgd
  • Excess Wastewater Treatment Capacity: .872 mgd

Capacity numbers are an approximation.


Electricity Providers

Duke Energy: 336-667-1141 or 1-800-769-3766

Blue Ridge Energy: 800-451-5474

Surry Yadkin Electric Membership Corporation: 336-356-8241 or 800-682-5903

EnergyUnited: 1-800-522-3793


Natural Gas Provider

Frontier Natural Gas: 1-336-526-2690


Communication Services

Telephone Service

Wilkes Communications: 336-973-3103 or toll-free 877-973-3104.

CenturyLink: 336-246-1001 or 336-651-8997 or toll-free 800-366-8201.

Spectrum: 855-757-7328 or 888-438-2427.

Cellular Telephone Service

Carolina West Wireless: 336-973-5000 or 800-253-5007
They offer cellular towers throughout Wilkes County for their customers and for customers of all other major carriers.

Business Internet

Wilkes Communications:  336-973-3103 or 800-366-8201;

YadTel Telecom: 336-463-5022

Spectrum Business: 888-438-2427

Windstream: 855-575-7625

CenturyLink Business: 866-476-9909


Broadband Internet

The Northwest NC region boasts gig-capable fiberoptic internet access to almost 90% of residences, meaning it has the strongest internet in North Carolina. Our World-Class Broadband supports remote workers, IT professionals, and other industries with ease. NWNC also boasts a network of training and education providers offers a diverse portfolio of tech specializations to match employer needs.

 NC Tech Paths at NCEDA

Local Tax Rates

The local tax base of Wilkes County is comparatively low, making the region an affordable destination. The tax base for the county is figured at $.66/$100 of valuation.

For information on state taxes

The following table outlines tax rates for the three municipalities in Wilkes County.

MunicipalityCounty RateTown RateCombined Rate
WIlkes County 0.66 n/a 0.66
Town of North Wilkesboro 0.66 0.52 1.18
Town of Wilkesboro 0.66 0.48 1.14
Town of Ronda 0.66 0.35 1.01


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