Working in Wilkes Educator & Business Expo

Friday, 07 June 2019 16:07

Wilkes EDC coordinated and sponsored an expo on June 7th in conjunction with Wilkes County Schools at the Stone Center for career coaches, counselors, teachers and school leadership. Attendance topped 110, with 60 educators and 50+ business leaders.

Businesses displayed the products they manufacture or services they provide, tools they utilize, types of positions, as well as the skills needed for employment. This was a combination of an expo, consisting of booth areas, table top centerpieces and guest speakers representing various industry clusters. The event focused on manufacturing, service and skilled trades. It was not a job fair, but rather an opportunity to showcase products, services, and opportunities.

Educators were encouraged to integrate what they learned into their lessons, while also mentoring students to consider all of the types of careers available in Wilkes County.