CTA 600x600Robin Hamby started her career in Economic Development in 2001 after the textile business where she had been working for 9 years moved its operations to another country.  Having first-hand experience in losing a job due to offshoring, Robin feels her role is very important to help expand opportunities and job security for the citizens of Wilkes County.

Robin serves as the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Wilkes EDC where she handles all financial reporting for the organization. In her 20 years of working for the Wilkes EDC, Robin has been a part of the creation of several successful programs promoting Small Business Growth. Her role in the Wilkes EDC Entrepreneurial Grant Program helps new and existing local businesses, and the Revolving Loan Program assists business owners who may not have access to other financial support.  Robin’s experience with past projects, relationships with local officials and knowledge of the region make her an incredible asset to the EDC.

Robin has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Appalachian State University and a Certified Administrative Professional Certificate from Wilkes Community College.  She is a graduate of the Wilkes Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program and is both a Notary Public and Certified Paralegal. In 2022, Robin received certification in Real Estate Commercial Property Management from e-Cornell University. In her spare time Robin enjoys being with her family, camping and kayaking on the New River, or staying home with her husband, two children and fur babies.