The Local Expansion & Attraction Program – LEAP – is a public/private funding initiative to grow the Wilkes County economy and provide a bright future for our citizens and the surrounding areas.

The Original LEAP Campaign funds are utilized for:

  • Direct Company Assistance
  • Real Estate Development
  • Marketing & Project Related Activity

LEAP Campaign Contributors post 2016 can designate the use of funds into three areas: 

  • Operations
  • Entrepreneurship Program
  • Original Items Listed Above

If you are interested in supporting Economic Development in Wilkes County by investing in LEAP,

 Complete the Online Form Here


Click here to download the Business Investor Form to submit via mail or in person

The following individuals and organizations are our partners in LEAP.  We welcome the opportunity for you to join our partners and become engaged in growing Wilkes County.

LEAP Investors
(Local Expansion and Attraction Program)

Companies and Foundations

Individual Investors

Linda M. Absher
Jeff and Claire Garstka
Dale and Michelle Isom
Ken Noland
Dr. Gordon and Ruth Burns
Edward Greene
Robert L. Johnson
Dwight and Anne Pardue
Linda Cheek
Mathew and Robin Hamby
Keith and Amanda Johnston
William (Hank) Perkins, Jr.
Eric Cramer
Bart and Genene Hayes
Arnold and Becky Lakey
Ginger P. Shaffer
Claude and Kim Faw
Vaughn Hayes
Steve and Debbi Laws
Jim Smoak
J.C. Faw
Lee Herring
Dan Little
William S. Stroud
James C. Faw
Leonard Herring
Johann Louchez
Alvin Sturdivant, Jr.
Cam Finley
Ed and Anna Holland
Blake D. Lovette
Bill Warden
Leonard W. Fussell
Mike Inscore
Robert and Karon Nelson
John C. Yates